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Abhaya Subba dates Ashok at the Bakery Cafe, Teku
7 August 2007-Tuesday
-Preity Acharya

This time CyberSansar visitor Ashok got lucky to have a date with rock star Abhaya Subba. Here's what he'd written to impress this wonderful lady.

"HI sis namastee.Really u r a rock star. U must b tired coz u
hav been running through my mind,u gotta b a thief coz u hav stolen my
mind,heart n i hvbeen a bad shooter coz i keep missing you.So plz
don''t make gap on bringing new album.......Hop to hav date with u
.........More sharing feelings in date time......bye tk cr .Hav nic weekend
....more words on
visit..................................... "

Abhaya believes that there's no such people as fans in Nepal. All of them are well wishers and she's glad to see one of them. Ashok although was lucky to get a chance to win a date, Abhaya has a special plans for all of you guys. She says she will be replying all the people who have filled up the forms for the date.

Ashok a regular cybersansar visitor seems pretty happy to share that Abhaya treated him like a brother and has invited him for the concerts and shows. Both of them are looking forward to see each other in the future as well.

The date ended with Abhaya performing a special song for her date. If you want to see it, go watch the video clip.

Don't forget to fill up the form next time. Who knows you might get lucky!


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