Celebrity Dating
Nima Rumba dates Ruma at the Bakery Cafe, Teku
24 July 2007-Tuesday
-Preity Acharya




Nima Rumba no doubt is the one of the most established and popular artists in the music industry. Among his huge fan numbers, Ruma got lucky to get the opportunity to date with Nima. See their names are quite similar … but she’s not Rumba! She’s Ruma.

She had written pretty impressive words for him and it goes like this. “You are the pop hero of Nepal. Inspire lots of singers, introduce Nepali music 2 the world and keep it up. N Yes, last but not least, THUMBS UP FOR U NIMA!!!!!!!!” 

Nima Rumba, who’s fascinated with the bone stuffs, got also got lucky to date with someone who owns a shop related to the same stuffs! Well, she had some pretty nice things to gift him, bone key chains that has his name on it and yes, her name as well!.. “Nima Ruma”!

During the date Ruma showed Nima her diaries and collections. The date was a fun as they introduced themselves, shared their interests and yes also cracked jokes! Dating a celeb like Nima must be an enjoyable one. Isn’t it?


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