Celebrity Dating
Sugam dates Shanta at the Bakery Cafe, Teku
17 April 2007-Tuesday
-Preity Acharya

This time in the celebrity dating segment, we met an amazing fan. We ourselves are grateful, that she was selected because no one must be as deserving as her. Shanta is a science student and truly a great fan of Sugam. This was her message that made us predict, she deserved the date.

"If u remember me certainly I am ur die-hard fan, a well wisher of urs and u r my ever best singer since u entered the music field. U r the one who try on new taste of music and besides that u r a good RJ I love to hear ur voice n the music u play in. May u always come up with flying colors in future n all my best wishes are there with u. God bless u?"

During the date, we got to reveal that Shanta had already met Sugam thrice and had his autograph. When we interviewed her before the date, she was confused whether he will recognize her or not and she had a positive thought as well! "He has many fans and it's not surprising if he doesn't recognize me." –Shanta

Well, she was surprisingly happy when Sugam said that he remembers her. She had some other surprises as well! Not just a bouquet and a gift, Shanta had some other thing along with her that must have made Sugam really happy. It was Shanta's diary, full of Sugam's each and every photographs, right from 1mb Sugam. She has the cuttings of each and every newspaper that has published Sugam's news or pictures. Isn't that amazing?

Sugam says, he was really glad to meet such a fan and celebrity dating has provided an opportunity to come close to his fan, for which he is thankful to Cybersansar and Channel Nepal.

We, Cybersansar and Channel Nepal team left them for some casual talks. The dating went on for an hour or so.


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