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DJ Raju dates Pooja at the Bakery Cafe, Teku
20 February 2007-Tuesday
-Preity Acharya

The "Chyangba hoye Chyangba" fame has really take hold of teenagers and not so teenagers as well! We were surprised to get mails from even 12, 13 years old kids, which was quite an unusual thing for the dating segment. Thanks for all those e-mails. But only one lucky person wins! So, this time, it was Pooja's fate that made her the winner of this dating segment.

A big fan of DJ Raju, Pooja although is not much of a party goer, she says that his remixes makes her, his "one of the fans". Her impressive message to the DJ made her win this contest.
"Raju dai u r too good DJ. I am a fan of remix songs, I have heard many DJs' remixes but your songs make my total body move. It makes me happy and dashing even if I am in sad mood. You give a great taste, all like a tasty food, so in your every remix songs; I found the taste so I love all your remixed songs. God has gifted you with so many things, you're so good looking and talented so keep rocking, not only the Nepalese, but the whole world. Love you dai and all your songs". What an impressive note isn't it? Surely, she deserved the date.

Pooja was eagerly waiting for her date as we; Cybersansar & Channel Nepal team escorted DJ Raju to the Bakery Café. After having a short conversation with them, we left them for some private time.

Dj Raju says that, he had a good chat with Pooja. He says they shared everything from career to music and some personal stories as well.

I asked DJ, does your wife know about this date? He said No, she doesn't.

So, what if she sees it at cybersansar.com or on TV from Channel Nepal? He slyly replied, "That is what a want to see, how her reaction will be to this."… Interesting huh….. But you know that's risky DJ!

Anyways, the date was wonderful. It ended up with Pooja gifting her favorite DJ with something…(he didn’t show us!) and DJ Raju gifted his autographed CD.

Who's going to be on the next celebrity date? Be prepared to impress them. You might get lucky as well!


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