Celebrity Dating
Swapnil dates Akanshya at the Bakery café, Teku
21 January 2007-Sunday
-Preity Acharya

Our celebrity dating winner Akanshya is a true fan of the "Shadows". After meeting her, we got to know that she had already met Swapnil earlier at a concert in BICC. Swapnil recognized his fan as he saw her. Good memory dude!

The date began with a short interview with Akanshya as the Channel Nepal team wanted to capture her excitement in the camera. "I am really excited for the date. I have met him once but I never got the opportunity to talk to him for a long time. So, I am glad I got this chance. He is really a cool guy and in fact a true rocker."-Akanshya

Swapnil shared that he was equally happy to see her. When we asked him, what he was going to talk to her…. He replied that, "I want to know how much she knows about the band. She has listened any of our songs or not! Most importantly, she has bought any of our original CDs or not, things like that…"
This is like a true music artist and a band member isn’t it?

After a short conversation Channel Nepal team and we left them for some private time. But here, we had some naughty plans going inside our head. We left them with a spy camera! Don't worry; you guys will get to watch the dating from Channel Nepal later on. We just wanted to discover some interesting things for you guys! Nothing more than that!

The date went for about an hour. After the date, we wanted to know Swapnil was able to get his answers or not.
"It was really cool. She knows everything about the band, about the band and the members, who were there, who were replaced etc. I am really happy to know that she is a real admirer of rock music and Shadows band. I am happy about this. Also, through this date and from the emails I got from people for the date, the mails were really valuable for me as it helped me to collect feedback. What people like or dislike. What they feel about us, our music. I am thankful for this."

Well, both of them seemed to enjoy their company and the date as well!


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