Celebrity Dating
Juna dates Rabin at the Bakery cafe, Teku
5 January 2007-Friday
-Preity Acharya

This time in the celebrity dating segment, there is something interesting that took place during the date. It's for sure, many guys will be jealous about that!.... The date this time, however started late because our celebrity's scooter broke down and Juna was stuck somewhere near Putalisadak. Although she was late, she had a good surprise along with her and guess what! It's a date one, get one free offer! Just joking!...

Anyways, this lucky guy got to date two beautiful ladies. Juna had come along with Prashna Shakya, who was unknown about our scheduled program. Lucky guy huh!

Our cybersansar visitor Rabin is a quite shy guy. He is presently working in some bank and I found that he has a pretty good knowledge of banking and business as we shared some talks due to the late arrival of our guest. The dating started an hour late after the scheduled time. But our dater was patient enough to wait for his date.

After our celebrities reach to the venue, it took some time for him to adjust to people as he was a little shy guy. He shared that, at first when he received the call from me regarding the date, he had not thought of attending it but later on he thought that he should have an experience. "People need to experience different things in life and this I thought should be one of them." said Rabin

Juna and Prashna made him really comfortable and they shared some casual talks regarding their families, career, and business and so on.

The date as Rabin shared was interesting for him. Juna was also having fun with her first ever fan date. Prashna and Juna also shared some of their friendship stories. After some time, Prashna and I left them for some personal time.


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