Celebrity Dating
Bipana Thapa dates Bishek at the Bakery Cafe, Durbar Marg
3 October 2006-Tuesday
-Sampada Malla

Nepali films may fail to attract young and urban crowds. But beautiful and talented Nepali actresses can allure, dazzle and mesmerize people from all walks of life. Our celebrity date with actress Bipana Thapa proved just this.

As I congratulated Bishek, the winner of the date on the phone, he instantly told me, “I am not a fan of her but I certainly am impressed by her. Believe me, I haven’t seen any of her movies but she is a common name to me…” He spoke more and I soon realized that our date perfectly represented today’s urban youths. I was excited as this date would be an endeavor to merge the gap between the young generation and Nepali movies.

During the date, actresss Bipana Thapa chuckled as Bishek honestly told her that he was unaware about her movies. “I know the present Nepali movies haven’t been able to interest young people like you. But, I hope the situation will soon be better.” Bipana said.

As always, we left the date with some private moments. With their favorite foods to fulfill their appetite, they started off with their conversations that (we later came to know), revolved around only Nepali films.

“Nepali music videos have become so good. But when will our films live up to our expectations?” Bishek complained as the date wrapped up. “Don’t worry. I pray we won’t have to wait for long.” Bipana assured throwing a charismatic smile to him.

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