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Sudin Pokharel dates Manju Shrestha at The Bakery Cafe, Teku
18 July 2006-Tuesday
-Sampada Malla

"This is the only thing I was dreaming for so long. Dating with you matters a lot for me. Truly speaking, u r a bullet hip-hop singer and I wanna date u this summer coz u make ma heart go flatter. I'll wait until death.    
Byeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

This message delivered candidly from the heart of Manju Shrestha made her win the date with hip-hop singer Sudin Pokharel. Just read her lines and it won't take you long to notice the hip-hop elements in her message. Because as DA 69 aka Sudin says," Hip-hop is all about freedom of speech and expression."

"I am his greatest fan." Manju marked confidently as we (me, Manju and DA 69) sat down for a short chitchat. "I didn't like rap songs until I heard him singing. After that, I have become a hip-hop fan. Besides, I also adore him as a news reader.." As she was speaking, the waiter interrupted us with the menu and I requested them to order some delicacies. Sudin ordered himself a glass of coke and french-fries while Manju asked for a plate of momo along with a glass of coke.

After some rounds of interactions, I silently headed towards another table until the date ended after an hour. "Now as you have met Sudin personally, how would you describe him?" I shot a last question to our lucky girl. "Oh, it was great. He's just so down to earth and humble. I also came to know a lot about Nepal's hip- hop scenario. Thanks to CyberSansar." she answered excitedly. And what about Sudin? "She's a very sweet girl and I have enjoyed every moment of the date." he expressed with a sweet smile.

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