Celebrity Dating
Poozana dates an IT celebrity at The Bakery Cafe, Teku.
3 July 2006-Monday
-Sampada Malla

"Poozana, as your name suggests, one is inclined to worship you coz of
your beauty, glamour and passion that you display. Your eyes are what highlight your beauty. Don't you want to use those eyes to look at
someone who thinks you are worshipable?"

What better compliment than this one to impress our sensational glamour
beauty? And if this compliment is penned down by an IT celebrity, can one ask for a better blind date? I don’t think so. Yes, this is exactly what happened during our celebrity dating with Poozana.

It was a privilege for us to choose Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Chief
Executive Officer of Unlimited Software Network Pvt Ltd (Nepal's leading Software Company which has alliance to worldwide software leaders such as Microsoft, Computer Associates, Novell and Symantec) as the winner of the date and he humbly accepted to participate. I was already looking forward for an exciting celebrity date!

"Sampada, after you delivered me the news that I had won, it took me nearly ten seconds to realize that it was actually true..." Allen remarked as we sat down for a short chitchat. "I wasn't sure if I should be here because coming from a corporate background, people expect you to follow, 'all work no play' kind of thing. I mean, celebrity dating is all about having fun, right..?" Well, yes, but corporate people need some fun too, I guess. Poozana added, "I am glad to have an intellectual person like him as a blind date. I am sure that with him I can have serious and healthy conversations."

As we left the date with some private moments, it didn't took us long to notice that Allen had been dressed in Poozana's favorite attire, blue jeans and t-shirts. WOW!! After the date ended and after Allen finished gifting his date with a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers, we joined in. And as always, I asked Allen how the date went. "It was fun. But you know what; she looks much younger than in the pictures and her talks are also much younger." Allen voiced with a hint of smile. "I filled the contest form because among all the other models, I liked her boldness. More than her beauty, I was impressed by what she had written on her profile about her likes and dislikes. There, she talked more about brains and internal beauty than external beauty."

As Poozana's face glistened with a smile, Allen continued," I have never had much opportunity to touch the lives of celebrities though I did meet Indian actresses Meenakshi and Manisha Koirala many years back. Today, I have finally been able to feel their hyped lives. It's been a different experience."

It was time for us to bid goodbye but Allen had some surprise for all of us. He invited Poozana and CyberSansar to visit his social work campaigns in Dhulikhel and Panauti. We heartily accepted it. Want to know how the trip was? Well, keep visiting the site. We will share those learning experiences with you soon.

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