Celebrity Dating
Sangya Singh Thakuri dates Bipin at The Bakery Cafe, Teku
3 June 2006-Saturday
-Sampada Malla

"You've got style. You've got natural charm. And I've got this form to fill and impress you to win a date with you. You go on with your style; I will go on with this form. .....err thanks to CyberSansar....."

Bipin Thapa's stirring message to the sizzling beauty Sangya Singh made him win the fortnight celebrity dating contest. I still recall his excited voice as I delivered him the news. As I was expecting, he hastily asked me, "Are you making me a fool? Am I really the winner…?" Every time I call the winner, I need to do this-convince him or her that he or she really is the winner!!
"One more question, Sampada…" He said. "Go on…" I said. "I have just completed my 12.Will I not be too young to date a celebrity like her..?" I couldn't help smiling as I assured him, "She's young too, just few years bigger than you. So, just chill."

The date went perfectly fine and after a few rounds of interactions, it was as if we had met two long lost friends. Sangya asked Bipin, "Did you fill the contest just because you appreciate my beauty or because you appreciate my work? I think the latter is important.."
We silently headed towards another table while they just couldn't stop chit-chatting. Just observing them gave us a sense of satisfaction.

After the date ended with some desserts, I requested him to share his experiences. "I thank CyberSansar for providing me with this wonderful opportunity. When one only watches a celebrity on screens, one develops a prejudiced image about the person. But while meeting the person, that prejudice breaks. Now, I can proudly flaunt that I know this talented lady." he mentioned.

What about Sangya? "Know what, I received so many phone calls asking me if I hosted the show, Katha Kathmandu ko or not. It just shows the popularity of this contest." her voice trailed with an innocent smile. "This is the first time I have dated anyone so I was more nervous than him. But, I have enjoyed every single moment. Thanks, it was fun."

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