Celebrity Dating
Sarah dates Tshering
1 May 2006-Monday
-Sampada Malla

When we first decided to begin the ‘Fortnight Celebrity Dating Contest’ we did not know that it would receive such overwhelming responses from our viewers even in such a short time span. I still haven’t figured out whether this indicates CyberSansar’s popularity or Sarah’s enchanting charisma. We are happy with both though! Among almost 3000 participants, each trying to impress their diva in their own beautiful ways, Tshering Sherpa’s message, "Your external beauty is worth every penny in the world, hell! it wouldn't be unfair if your eyes were to be traded for all the money that Kuber has but I know you are beautiful internally too and that's the reason I wish to have a date with you." made him the winner.

As we, me and Dipankar Dai (CyberSansar’s Founder & Creative Director) hurried towards Nanglo Bakery Cafe five minutes late, we were surprised to find Sarah and Tshering already into their informal conservations as if this was not their first meet. We’d thought we would introduce them!

“I was planning to make my date nervous but after I met him, I found him so cute and sweet that I immediately dropped my idea. I like my date but I wish he’d brought a flower for me. ” shared Sarah as we sat down for a short talk. With an innocent smile, Tshering replied, “When I was told that I was the winner, I did not believe. I thought someone was playing a prank with me.” But now that it’s true, he revealed that he adores Sarah because of her captivating beauty and immense talents. “I had recently watched you in Kantipur TV’s sit-com and you were great. Don’t you feel nervous while facing the camera?” he curiously asked Sarah. “Initially I did feel nervous but now I don’t. I just feel like the camera is just another person…” as Sarah eloquently spoke, Tshering interrupted with his compliment, “Your eyes are very beautiful.”

Not wanting to be a disturbing element of the date, we silently headed towards another table until the date ended with some photo shoots. "Now as you have met Sarah personally, how would you describe her?" I shot a last question to our lucky man. "We have a misconception that models are proud but Sarah proved me wrong. She is very friendly and down to earth. Now I am fully sure that she is very beautiful both internally and externally." What about Sarah? "Oh, I enjoyed a lot. He is very interesting and we have promised to keep in touch in future too." And this way, the wonderful date ended but for our readers and forthcoming participants, this is just a beginning of an interesting journey of dates with your favorite celebrities. So keep participating as you may be the next Tshering on this May 15th



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