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Liril Fresh Face Season 4 - Top 6 Contestant - Hishila Maharjan
4 December 2017-Monday



Hishila Maharjan

Contestant No.:1

Reading books, swimming.

Ambition in Life:
To become air Hostess, career in modelling.

What made you interested to participate in Liril Fresh Face?

Liril Fresh Face gives a lot of opportunities to new girls who are interested in the field of modeling and I myself wanted to learn something new.

Tell us about yourself. What qualities of yours make you a strong competitor in this contest?

I am a student studying BASW 3rd year.I have been doing modeling since few months. I find my quality of being dark skin as my plus point because all other girls are fairer than me and so, it differentiates me from others.

How is your experience from this contest?

I found a lot of good changes in myself from this contest. I am more punctual, honest and more positive now. My overall experience has been very exciting and interesting at Liril Fresh Face.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Honestly speaking, hard working nature of a guy and the respect they give to other people attracts me.

On a date you would like to go out with:
Anup Bikram Shahi

Do you want to continue the field of modeling and fashion in future?

Yes, I am very interested in this field and I have the total support of my family.



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