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Singha Durbar
4 November 2015-Wednesday

Singha Durbar is a 13-episode television drama series portraying collaborative leadership and good governance. The show tells the story of the inner-workings of the seemingly impenetrable central government of Nepal, humanizing the country’s politicians and creating role models for an inclusive, transparent and collaborative leadership style.Singha Durbar TV series is using the power of drama to create in its audience a sense of possibility that their government leaders could serve the whole country rather than their narrow political interests.

The TV series is funded by USAID and is produced by Search for Common Ground Nepal, along with production partner Mila Productions.

The writing process of Singha Durbar started earlier in 2014. The writers team of Singha Durbar, lead by Abinash Bikram Shah, developed the story after much consultation with political leaders, government and security agency officers among others. Consultation was constantly sought during the script writing process.The production of the TV series started from June 2015 and was completed by August 2015. Earlier planned for a release in September, it was rescheduledto November due to the changing country context.

Singha Durbar, the TV series deals different themes arching the issues of governance and collaborative leadership. Following are the issues the TV series have dealt with:

Episode 1: Democracy, leadership and gender equality.

Episode 2: Collaborative leadership, resolving personal conflicts and inclusion.

Episode 3:Agriculture, cooperation and solution orientated problem solving.

Episode 4: Safer migration, labour trafficking and rule of law.

Episode 5: Agriculture and food security, corruption and impunity.

Episode 6: Health and improving scrutiny of medicines.

Episode 7: Local Governance and violence free elections.

Episode 8: Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and collaborative leadership.

Episode 9: Access to justice

Episode 10: Climate change and multi party democracy

Episode 11: Budget, role of tax, conflict resolution and public engagement.

Episode 12: Truth and Reconciliation (transformation for peace) / SportsTransformation

Episode 13: Truth and Reconciliation (transformation for peace) / Sports

Singha Durbar is set to broadcast from Nepal Television from November 15, 2015. The half an hour show will air every Sunday from 8:50 pm.


Cast and Crew of Singha Durbar




Ramesh RanjanJha

Anil Pandey






Concept by

Serena RixTripathee

Michael Shipler


Executive Producer

Deborah Jones


Executive Producers

Victoria Watson

Ian Watson


Supervising Producer




Serena RixTripathee


Lead Writer

AbinashBikram Shah


Line Producer








Story team

Serena Rix Tripathee

Abinash Bikram Shah

Santosh Bhattarai

Sampada Malla


Eelum Dixit

Safar Pokharel

Mina Sharma


Casting Coordinator

Praween Khatiwada

Sangam Pulami Magar



Viplob Pratik


Background Score

Iman Bikram Shah


Director of Photography




Sabina Basnet



Assistant Directors

Anil Khadka



Line Producers




Story Advisors


Anil Chitrakar



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