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Deepak Bajracharya finds new life with Nepali music
4 August 2013-Sunday

One single moment was enough to turn around the life of singer Deepak Bajracharya. Few years ago this popular Nepali singer was abroad in his concert tour. During one of his concerts there one foreigner came to him and asked "Why should we listen to your music? Your music is same like ours. Is it only the language that makes your music Nepali?" Deepak had no answer for him then.

After he returned he was questioning himself about his two decades of successful career in music. Did he spend all these years creating wrong kind of music. Then he came with the idea of exploring traditional Nepali instruments and creating music with them; music for the whole world to listen. From his childhood he had listened to traditional instruments in festivals, celebrations and bhajans but had never thought of using them. He formed a team along with his band members Rikky Shakya, Firoz Bajracharya, Rojan Kayastha and Bikky Shakya and started by studying 'Damaru'. They spent days in Pashupatinath with sadhus to fully understand the instrument.

Their search for other instruments was not possible without adding other professional instrumentalists to their team. By the time their exploration came to end, they had formed a group of 34. Now the team is known by the name 'Cream of Rhythm'. Deepak feels that it is very necessary to make young generation of musicians familiar to these traditional instruments. Since there was absence of written form of information on the use of instruments, it was handed over the generation by personal experiences of people only. The team was able to study closely the instruments like Dha: Khi, Nyakhi, Dhime, Nagada, Damaha, Damfu among others.

Now they wanted to see how the people would react to their new music.  They organized concerts in different venues, with one big concert at Patan Durbar Square. And the response was very positive; people simply loved their music. After that they recorded few songs and made four music videos. Deepak's popular songs like 'Maya Ko Dorile', 'O Amira' and "Kali Kali Hissi Pareki' have been re-made with the use of Nepali instruments and western music. They will soon be releasing their music and videos along with a documentary of their exploration.

Deepak's quest is not over yet. He is working to create a place which will serve as a knowledge center of Nepali instruments; where people can not only get information on the instruments but also learn how to use them. He wishes that a day will come when small kid will ask parents for Madal and Sarangi instead of drum and guitar.

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