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Nirnaya NSK's noble act
30 April 2012-Monday
-Isha Dhital

Celebrities are no strangers to charity work. Many people may think its part of keeping up appearances in an image centric industry like ours, but we should also understand that some celebrities have a genuine desire to use their star status to help raise awareness and do charity. This is the case for Nirnaya, who has been running his Nirnaya NSK’s Tour for Education since 2006. At this year’s  Kid Queen 2012 event, organized by Nepalese Fashion Home, Nirnaya NSK’s special edition autographed poster was launched by Nirnaya himself and Ms. Newa 2012, Ms. Suneeta Dongol. The poster was on sale for fifty rupees a piece in which the profit from the sales was collected for children's education. It was also reported that the rapper donated about seventy-five dozens of copies and about thirty dozens of pencils. The donation will go to the “Hamro Chahana Nepal” foundation where the general secretary Ms. Suvekchya Shah will distribute the materials to the bhote community's students in Yamgaha VDC and Palpa. Hamro Chahana Nepal has been working to improve the condition of the lifestyles of the bhote community and its students. “The donation by Nirnaya should be enough for the whole years school session”, states Ms. Shah.

Nirnaya also donated two computers to the Nebi Sangh Dolakha foundation. “We plan to send the computers to some schools of Dolakha and we request you to donate any computers new or old to Nirnaya”, announced Hema Manandhar, President of of Nepalese Fashion Home. Just few months back, Nirnaya and his team have already distributed around 40,000 stationary materials to Dolakha.

Nirnaya’s Motto is “education is the foundation of life” and that is exactly what his charity tour aims, to provide educational materials to students, schools, and organizations all across Nepal. In his education tour, the rapper performs live at various schools and colleges while collecting materials to distribute to deprived schools across Nepal. This year artists such as Rap Connect, Mad Zone, Naysons, Prashant, Myst, Astha B and many more have supported Nirnaya and his cause and have joined hands with Nirnaya to perform at NSK Tour.  Lastly, Artists are not the only ones who are supporting Nirnaya, as colleges such as Asian College of Management and Lincoln College has been helping to provide scholarship for students in partnership with NSK’s Tour for Education.

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