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Chitchat with Chihanki Pari's Shirish Khadka
13 October 2009-Tuesday

-Latshering Glan

Song ‘Chihanki Pari’ is still in much demand even after a long time of its release. There is not a single record in any radio station where this song has not fallen under listener’s choice. In a country where a minimum of 10 songs are produced daily, this song really stands out, this is why it is so popular. We had a chitchat with singer Shirish Khadka to know what's he up to.

1) Any lucky charm or mascot?
My mummy and girlfriend. Well she is ………. I cannot reveal her name but her name starts with alphabet ‘A’ and ends with ‘A’. 

2) Do you fear anyone?

3) What would you do if you get prized with 10 lakh rupees?
I will donate 2 Lakhs to some trustworthy organization and 2 Lakhs, I will spend it among my family and relatives to have fun and help in their goodwill. The rest of the amount will be saved for my future. 

4) Craziest thing that you have ever done
2 or 3 days earlier, I threw my girlfriends mobile set and broke it. I was very angry with her. 

5) Any encounter with chudyals?
No, but I love to. In my opinion, we will meet god when we die but I want to meet a spirit figure before going for my final sleep. 

6) If you are to compose a song, will you compose it about a ghost or vampire? 
No, this time I will compose a song on ‘sex’.

7) To whom do you want to give a credit for composing the song 'Chihanki Pari'? 
To all my friends with whom I used to jam. My thanks go to the arranger Sameer Manandhar and Tsujil Karmacharya for his guitar work. Especially, to my brother Aashish. 

8) This is song is in everyone’s iPods, are you sad with the market sale? 
No, if 2 or 3 requests come in a day, I will take it as I earned 2 or 3 lakhs daily.


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