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Sudin Pokharel's Dissatisfaction
1 December 2008-Monday

-Sassy Lady

Sudin Pokharel, he is smart, decent and eloquent……….not a new thing!!!!!!!!!! But here comes a brand new thing about him………Patriotism!!!!!!!! Yes people you heard that right. Having said that, I think I should make it clear…….
Sudin Pokharel is very famous among youths and he adores  this fact. He loves performing for the youths but the behavior of most of  today’s youth gets into his nerves.

Teenagers smoking, talking nonsense, disrespecting their elders and most importantly showing off………makes him annoyed. “ Its so agonizing to find teens staying in a coffee house and throwing their stupid philosophical concern in International affairs. And its even worst to find their disrespect towards our own country.”, says Sudin. He is very skeptical on the future of Nepal, if such youth keep continue to think in this manner. Well……..seems like Sudin cares a lot about youth and country and why not????? He is one of those singers who believe struggling in Nepal rather than flying away!!!!!!!! So, people isn’t it proved that our Mr. Versatile is Patriotic?

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