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Wisdom Pandey : National Level basketball player
7 May 2008-Wednesday

Q: Basketball, a sport so popular. Still, why do you think people refrain from taking the sport professionally?

A: Not just basketball but most of the sports here in Nepal still has a long way to go. Sportsperson in foreign nations, enjoy more facilities, money and fame. They make a living out of it. But not here. Maybe football players playing from various clubs here in the country, is treated a little better than people involved in other sports, but still the government has not succeeded in reaching up to that mark.

Besides, Nepal Basketball Association is to blame for the sports slow development. Basketball is a fast popularizing sport. Especially when urbanization is taking its toll, basketball can be played in a smaller space. There may not be a cricket pitch, a football ground or swimming pool in every school, but many try to install one basketball court wherever possible and its because of minimum requirement space and props.

And despite of being so popular the association conducts maybe just two tournaments a year. There isn't a proper national men's team either, women's national team have never been formed. So much of lapses and ignorance from the government and the association makes this sport a total mistake for anyone to take it professionally. So, despite having so much love and enthusiasm to play basketball and do something in this area, I am compelled not to bother about it. This is the state of Basketball in Nepal today.

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