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I play the protagonist's Mother : Malvika Subba
29 April 2008-Tuesday


-Detective Eye Candy

So we finally succeeded in digging out the real facts about Malvika Subba's sudden switch to the film industry. First of all, it was such a relief to hear that she was not doing a mainstream commercial Nepali movie. Imagining her doing a jig with Nikhil Upreti..nearly made us sick. Sigh....anyways...the movie she is doing is titled God Lives In The Himalayas. It is a foreign production directed by an Indian director Sanjay Shrinivas.

The movie revolves around the protagonist, a child named Siddhartha, his quest to search where god lives and adventures that come along with it.

In the former beauty queen's words, "Acting in Nepali movies was never my interest of area. And I did get a lot of offers in my years in media, But always refused. But in the last one year, my interest in movies started growing and I was always interested in off beat cinema." She added, " I am doing a guest appearance. I play the role of the protagonist's mother who dies in the movie and the real story begins after her death."

Sunil Thapa and his company Precious Art Films Pvt. Ltd., have been secured as official production partners in Nepal. And it was Sunil who approached Malvika Subba for the role. "The subject, the crew , interested me, and I didn't have to give many days, so I went ahead with it" said  she. 

Her character in the movie is of a Buddhist married to a Hindu. We will see her sporting a nose ring with loosened long hair. Wearing bakkhus and cotton sarees teamed up with sindoor-potey.

"This character was very challenging for me , it is my first celluloid cinema, and getting into the character wasn't easy since I have never "acted" before" she said. "I went to Namche , Syangboche, Panauti and Bandipur for the shoots. The most difficult scenes for me was that in Syangboche. I was wearing bakkhu, and because of the harsh wind I could barely open my eyes and the scene had me running after my son. It was a lot of torchure to my eyes. Another challenging scene was when my sari had to catch a fire. I nearly had a heart attack. The crew stood by with water and wet towels , ready to put it on me, just incase my body caught on fire".

Malvika has shown a positive stance on signing movies in the future too, if only , she says, "the storyline succeed in stimulating me as an actor." She further added, " I am a big fan of Konkona Sen and Rahul Bose, and would love to do movies like they have done."

The movie is in Nepali but will carry English subtitles. The director, Sanjay Srinivas, will be taking it to major film festivals all over the world, which shall hopefully bring a lot of exposure to Nepal and the actors involved as well.

For the movie, Yuvaraj Ghimire (Samaya) has been secured as Literary Consultant for adaptation of the screenplay to the Nepali language. KUTUMBA (, have been secured as Composers for background and theme music. Dhiren Shakya and Melina Manandhar have been secured to play leading adult roles. The movie has been supported by The Film Board of Nepal and Nepal Tourism Board. For details of the movie log on to

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