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Interview with Dorota Nvotova (Actress, Czech Republic- Slovakia)
14 December 2007-Friday
-Preity Acharya

An actress, a musician, a song writer and a columnist by profession, in Czech Republic and Slovakia, Dorota Nvotova tells that her childhood was not a normal one like every child's. Although she had to go to theatre instead of going home from school, acting was never on her mind!

Daughter of a director father and an actress mother, Dorota says, "I had never thought I'd become an actress…., never! But here I am… I'm an actress…, but somewhere I knew I'd be."

Conversely, she informs that she did her first ever theatre performance when she was six. She was offered a small role by her father.
While in a visit short to Nepal, she shares that she did not only trekked to Annapurna range and traveled various places in Nepal, Dorata & her sister Teresa also filmed a documentary in one of the villages near Pokhara. caught up exclusive with this young actress where she shares her Nepal Visit experience, her acting, musical and writing career.

CS: Hi Dorota...., First of all let's start with your acting career. When did you start acting?

D: I started acting when I was six. My father had offered me a small role in a TV Film. He's a director. I have worked in films in Slovakia and in Czech Republic. 

Oh… do you want to see the promo of my film? …. (She starts up her laptop to show the promo). It's "Ozivot", I have done this film with one of the famous director of Czech Republic, Martin Steidler.

CS: What is the movie about?
D: It's a comedy movie with a lot of fun and a bit of suspense. I have played the role of a young model. It's actually my first comedy movie. It was fun though!! We'll soon have a premiere of it, maybe after I return to my country in February.

CS: Since you started acting at the age of six, you must have thought you'd be an actress in the future!
D: Actually not! I never thought I'd be an actress, never! I know young girls dream of being an actress but as I was brought up in theatre and my parents had a very little time for me. I didn't have a normal childhood like everyone. Instead of going home, I'd go theatre after school, so I never wanted to be an actress, but somewhere I know I would be! ....In fact, I am more into music than acting. I started playing piano when I was two. I have a band too.

CS: Oh really? What's your band's name?
D: It's just, "Dorota and the band".

CS: Tell us about your music. How many records have you got so far?D: The first one was my solo named "Dorota" from the Universal Music and I have recently finished the second one which is going to be released, after I get back to my country! The record is from EMI.

CS: What about your movies? How many movies have your done so far?
D: Well, I did the first role when I was 6, which was in my father's TV film. That was a very small role. My first movie in a lead role was "Orbis Pictus" it's a Latin word, more or less meaning, "Pictures of the world". I was 13 then, the movie was released when I was 14.

My second movie was "Krazinka", meaning "Country Side". It was directed by Martin Sulik. I was 16 then.

I did my 3rd film with Czech Republic's famous director Martin Steidler. It was "Pernikova" (Girlie). I also went to an international film festival at Thesaloniski, Greece, and I was also awarded with the "Best Actress Award" in 2004 for the same movie. This was the point where my acting career picked up the pace.
These are just the important ones... besides I have acted in numerous TV films, theatres and Ad films...

Next film I did with my father. It's "Muzika" (Music) which is yet to premiere. The comedy movie which I talked about "Ozivot" is my first comedy movie though! It will be premiered in February 2008. It's my second movie with Martin Steidler, Czech's famous director.

CS: So, you've been acting in both Slovakian and Czech movies?
D: Yes. Actually even if people are separated by borders there, people feel that they are in the same country. I live in Slovakia and my sister lives in Czech Republic and we share common things, people are relatives… so we feel like it's the same country.
... I recently saw the news on the internet. When I go back, we won't be having borders anymore, I don't like borders!

And Slovakians often act or work in Czech Republic. Also Slovakia has very few films per year. In Czech, around 20-30 films are released every year.

CS: Is this your first visit to Nepal?
D: No, it's my second time. Last year, I came in the month of November and I went to Pokhara. When I saw the Annapurna range from Fewa Lake, I thought… "You have to go there, no matter what!" So, I came this year again went for the trekking. I and my sister have also shot a documentary in one of the villages near Pokhara.

CS: Oh really! What is the documentary all about? Who filmed it?
D: Teresa (her sister) has filmed and produced the documentary. Well, it's all about village life. We stayed for 10 days at one of the houses in the village and the family also had daughters of our age. There, we lived a normal village life like them and basically we wanted to portray the differences of our lives and theirs although we belong to the same age group. We did everything, from feeding the cows, to household works… it was difficult to understand the language and everything but somehow we managed to do it. Oh… we have Nepali names too! My names Fulmaya and Teresa's name is Shanti.

CS: You're an actress and a musician too. Are you a more famous actress or a musician, in your country?
D: Both!

CS: Besides, music and acting, what are your hobbies?
D: Oh, I forgot to mention about my dance. I am a dancer too. When I was 12, I joined the Hip hop dance group and I was dancing hip hop before, then I moved to some swing and modern dances in groups. But that was just some hobby!

I am also a song writer. I write songs for my music albums and some magazine columns. It's named "With the eyes of Dorota". 

I write travelogues too! Actually that's how I manage money for my travel expenses. Otherwise it's quite difficult for to manage all these travel expenses from my personal savings.

CS: What next is lined up for Dorota?
D: Well, I have the film premiere and my album release. Maybe I'll make a few concerts with my band after I get there and I'm planning for band tour. Maybe during September 2008.

CS: When are you retuning to your country?
D: First, I'll be leaving to India December; will stay in India for a month and within February I will have to get back to my country. I have my film premiere and have to release my music album too. Have to do the promotional things.

CS: You're visiting India too! That must be fun. Is it your first time?
D: No, it's not! I stayed in India for 6 months last year and I have an Indian family too. They live in Goa.

CS: That's cool! So, you like traveling places. How much did you like Nepal?
D: Yes, I like it a lot. I love nature, water and mountains and Nepal is the best place, rich in natural things. I like adventure and traveling and I had a good experience rafting, visiting caves in Pokhara, trekking the Annapurna range. I feel very close to nature and god. I like the culture and the moral values that people have here. I'm planning to come next year too in May/June; I want to see the She- Phukshundo Lake. If I get work opportunities here, I would rather stay in Nepal! But if not, I'll have to go to my country to work.

CS: So, you want to stay in Nepal, if you get work here! What about your family or marriage? Haven't you thought of settling down?
D: Actually, I was married. I was married at the age of 19 and I recently got divorced with my husband. In fact, I was in Nepal to feel better because I was sad about the breakup and I thought maybe I'll feel better because when I am here, I feel close to nature and god. So, it feels like the wounds are healed a bit.

CS: Oh I'm sorry. Was your ex- husband also a singer or an actor?
D: He was a rock star!

CS: What do you think about Nepali modeling and film industry?
D: Although, I do not know much about it, I saw some music videos and models, and they are good. I think it has a good prospect.

CS: Really? How about acting in Nepali movies? What if they offer you a role?
D: Definitely! I'll do that. Actually, I'm planning to take some Nepali language course after I come to Nepal next year.

CS: How did you come to know about How was it being featured in the website?
D: Well, I came to know about it through a friend when I was in Pokhara. It was a great experience being photographed and featured!

CS: Thank you so much. Do you have anything to tell CyberSansar visitors?D: You people are great!

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