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Sudip Giri dates Nisha at The Bakery Cafe, Teku
18 June 2006-Sunday
-Sampada Malla

This date was a dream come true for Nisha, a Nursing Student. "I don’t know how to thank you for giving me this golden opportunity. You have fulfilled my biggest dream. I always felt that if my dream of meeting Sudip Giri, my favorite singer, comes true, my other dreams will also slowly translate into reality." Nisha told me as we climbed through the round stairs of the Bakery Cafe. Singer Sudip Giri had punctually arrived and was waiting for the winner in a table upstairs.

We sat down and I began my job as the host. "Sampada, I received so many calls requesting me to make them the winners. I told them that I could not choose the winner, CyberSansar does it." Sudip excitedly told me. Sipping Lassi, Nisha shyly spoke, "We belong to the same district. I am also from Chitwan."

After a round of introductions, we silently headed towards another table until the date ended after an hour. Later, I requested Nisha to share her date experiences. "I still cannot believe it. I think I should pinch myself." As her words dropped, I could easily figure out the happiness this date had gifted her. "Celebrity dating is a great concept. Where else can we meet our celebrities, dine with them and share our feelings to them?" And what about Sudip? "It’s always wonderful for me to meet my fans. I love the most when they give me suggestions about the kind of songs I should sing and compose." Sudip humbly remarked.

As we got up to leave, Nisha gifted Sudip and CyberSanSar team a "Thank You" card. "Thank-you, once again…"Nisha voiced and we departed.

While walking through the busy streets of Teku heading towards our office, I quietly smiled as I rolled my eyes through the Thank –you card. In her own words, we had made her dream turn true. Wow! It was fascinating for me to realize that our small endeavor mattered so much to the fans who so desperately wanted to feel the lively presence of their stars. People like me, who meet these stars frequently, tend to forget that umpteen fans like Nisha wait to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. These kinds of moments make me realize this ground reality. I was still smiling as I reached my office.

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