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Suraj Singh Thakuri dates Pema at The Bakery Cafe, Teku
15 May 2006-Monday
-Sampada Malla

"Is it true? Am I really the winner or are you playing some pranks with me?" Seventeen years old Pema Sherpa showered me with her anxious queries as soon as I broke the news that she was our lucky winner to date with the very handsome and talented Suraj Singh Thakuri. "I'll be there exactly on time. Have I really won..?" I could clearly feel her excitement and nervousness as her voice touched my ears.

Next day, at around 11 am, we (Suraj, Pema and CyberSansar crew) met at Nanglo Bakery Cafe (our official sponsor for the date venue).After some introductory chitchats, I requested Pema to tell me some reasons she adored Suraj so much. "He is very good looking and I love watching his show, Call Kantipur. He makes the program very interesting with his informal style of presentation. I also like the social topics that he raises in the show." she answered slowly. Before I could forward another question to her, Suraj got up, took out a photo frame with his picture inside it from his bag and respectfully gifted Pema his special gift. "Did you like my gift? You can hang it in a wall." said Suraj. Wow! That was very sweet of you, Suraj.

Overwhelmed Pema hastily accepted the gift, took out her diary and inscribed her date's autograph on it.
Not wanting to disturb the date, we moved towards another table until the date ended after an hour. "So how was the date?" I shot a last question to our lucky girl. "It was great. I found him very frank just as he in his show. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity." What about Suraj? "I had never experienced a blind date so this was a learning experience for me. She is very sweet and cute."

Pema told me some interesting queries that she had asked her celebrity date which I have mentioned here-

1.Do you have a pet animal?

-I have a dog but I am very angry with him because one day as I was bathing him, he got so terrified with the soap and bit me.

2. Do you help your mom in the kitchen?

-Sometimes. I mostly help her in cleaning the utensils.

3. Being a part of the media world, you are friends to many popular singers, how do you feel?

-It feels good. Some of them are very good friends of mine.

4. What are your hobbies?

-Sleeping. Because of my hectic schedule, I hardly get enough time to sleep and I always dream that I will be able to sleep like a log one day.

5. As a child, did you aim of becoming a media person?

-No, stepping into this field was an accident. While visiting my aunt who worked in Divyadhristi, she offered me to anchor a television show and I accepted it. As a child, I wanted to become an army.

6. Any interesting incident related to your female fans?

-One day, a girl told me on air that she fasted for me and in the process she had fainted and was admitted to the hospital.


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