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The Top 5 Models of Nepal
6 January 2020-Monday


By Pragya Kharel Rajouria

(Published in The Kathmandu Post - February 21, 2005)

You haven’t seen Nepali models at their best unless you’ve checked them out on site. It’s the ultimate site for glamorous photographs of the established and aspiring models of the land.

“It all began casually with the photographs of Kohinoor that we hosted on our web page. People liked them tremendously. We got praises from established photographers also and began introducing new models on regular basis,” says Dipankar Kasaju, the second of the three Kasaju brothers at Both Abhinav and Dipankar shoot photographs and take combined credits for the results. Sarobar, the youngest one, gives the finishing touches to the final prints.

City Post asked the brothers to make their choices of the top five Nepali models because they’ve worked closely with most of them who are doing really well today in the TV advertisements, music videos, ramp modeling and print media.

“There are so many factors besides the looks and the height that make someone a good model,” says Abhinav. The brothers have made their pick on the basis of the model’s looks, figure, professionalism, camera-friendliness, and communication abilities.

“We can’t rank these ladies in strict sequences because they’re outstanding in their own ways,” says Dipankar. But their top five are the following:

Kohinoor Singh

Kohinoor is sensational. She’s a unique blend of innocence and sexuality. She has a camera friendly or photogenic face and can give any kind of ‘looks’. She can look like a cute girl next door, (see the Belle Momo ad) and a bombshell (pictures in cybernepal’s site amply prove that). Kohinoor’s only drawback would be her height which is 5’ 4” and this limits her chances for ramp modeling. But in other forms of modeling, she’s perfect. Very professional, punctual and articulate, Kohinoor will make a terrific host and anchorperson for both TV and radio shows. She is down to earth and easy to work with. With these qualities of hers, combined with her talents and looks, Kohinoor has a shining future just like her name suggests: Kohinoor, the “jewel of the jewels”.

Namrata Shrestha

She’s the nymphet with perfect skin and dimpled smile. She exudes innocence and sex appeal in the same breath. A good natured person and professional to the core, the lady’s graceful neck holds an intelligent head capable of making rational choices. Namrata is one of the few models who can carry off western outfits and traditional dresses with equal élan. Like Kohinoor, Namrata lacks good height. But there are other modeling fields in which she is a prized preference, like in music videos and still advertisements (for proofs, see Distar TV, Crunch Aloos, Pramod Upadhyaya’s Aankhama lukaunki, Karna Das’ Timile diyeko and many more). With her looks and her brains, Namrata will surely go a long way.

Cecilia Gurung

One of the most photogenic models, Cecilia is hot, hot and hot. She has ample curves, and the confidence and savvy to flaunt them in western outfits. Expressions come to her naturally without anyone telling her to do so and so. She takes her profession very seriously and is a daring soul who loves to experiment. Cecilia is one of the models with many lucrative and good offers at hand. What sets her apart from other models is her bold, daredevil self who can handle and cope with any kind of situation. She will make a perfect model for music videos and advertisements. But since she speaks in a fast tempo, this may act as a deterrent if she is to take up TV or radio anchoring.

Shovana Thapa

This was an accidental find but what a great one! She was discovered while she accompanied her sister who had come for a photo shoot session. She has good height (5’ 6”) and unique facial features. Because of her height, she can also make a good ramp model. Though not so stunning, Shovana does just transform once she faces the camera. Her photos come out exceptionally well and she looks terrific in music videos like she did in Nabin Bhattarai’s Timi hau lakhaun ko dhadkan. She has that fresh-face innocence about her, and the slight Mona Lisa-like (!) smile which is very endearing. Shovana surely has a long shelf life.

Babbita Sarmah

She’s the classical beauty with a voluptuous figure and good height (5’6”). The very professional Bobby is one of the busiest models in town with many projects in her hands. With fair complexion, big eyes and dimpled cheeks, Bobby is all things feminine and seductive. She exudes confidence and is very vocal which are the biggest assets for models, whether they work in print advertisement, join films, or act in TV serials or walk down the ramp. You can see Bobby cast her charm in Anil Singh’s music video Engine gadi, Nima Rumba’s Sanjha ma pani, ratamapani and in print commercials like Shihkar Lights and San Miguel Beer. This lady has all the right stuffs required to rocket her to places.




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