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Liril Fresh Face Season 4 - Top 6 Contestant - Shraddha Mainali
4 December 2017-Monday



Name: Shraddha Mainali

Contestant No.:27

Hobbies/Interest: Playing basketball, travelling, making Vlogs.

Ambition in Life: To be an aspiring entrepreneur and an inspirational model.

What made you interested to participate in Liril Fresh Face?

The pageant/brand itself was attractive for me and the reward for the winner too made me interested. Plus the passion to be a model motivated me to participate in Liril Fresh Face.

Tell us about yourself. What qualities of yours make you a strong competitor in this contest?

The right attitude, confidence and determination to prove my talent are the most interesting qualities that makes me a strong competitor in this contest.

How is your experience from this contest?

I have been able to learn a lot from this contest. It has helped me to boost my talent and helped me to be able to face the camera. Plus meeting new and renowned talents has been veryhelpful for my personal experience.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Humorous natured person who has a great personal hygiene and good behavior attracts me.

On a date you would like to go out with: Prashant Tamrakar.

Do you want to continue the field of modeling and fashion in future?

Yes if I get good opportunities and offers that suit my interest I would continue.



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