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Liril Fresh Face Season 4 - Top 6 Contestant - Pooja Pradhan
4 December 2017-Monday



Name: Pooja Pradhan.

Contestant No.:57

Hobbies/Interest: Singing, Dancing & Painting.

Ambition in Life: To be successful and happy.

What made you interested to participate in Liril Fresh Face?

Even though being an engineering student, the field of media & modeling has always attracted me. And this interest lead me to participate in Liril Fresh Face.

Tell us about yourself. What qualities of yours make you a strong competitor in this contest?

I think myself as a very humble and jolly person. I am also driven and very focused. My confidence and my personality will help me outshine among others.

How is your experience from this contest?

This contest has taught me a lot. Especially the value of friendship, hard work and determination. How working together can help us tackle even the most difficult problem. Also, fashion styling, modeling ideas, communication skills were things I learned.

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

Personality is what I really find sexy in opposite sex. Of course, there’s moral behavior, humbleness, height that attracts me.

On a date you would like to go out with:

National: AnoopBikramShahi
International: David Beckham

Do you want to continue the field of modeling and fashion in future?

Yes, I would want to continue.




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