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A Step Closer to the BA Concert
15 February 2011-Tuesday
-Supriya Pradhan

With the date closing in, things are only heating up more than ever for the biggest concert to take place in the country i.e. without a doubt, “Bryan Adams Live In Nepal”. Anticipation and high expectations among the ticket holders, multiplying every moment. And we, the CyberSansar team, couldn’t hold on to our excitement for the mega show either. Nevertheless, we got hold of Mr. Suresh Jung Rayamajhi, CEO of ODC Network in partnership with whom JPR Events has organized the event. So here’s what he had to say to our series of questions.

1. When an event as big as this is about to take place, the very first concern that people have is of security. So what’s your say on the safety of the concert goers at the venue?
- Well, it is indeed the very first as well as the most serious concern people have which we, the organizers, are equally serious about as well. We haven’t taken any chances but full precautions since there will be many dignitaries as guests, from ambassadors to chiefs. It has been mentioned earlier in the media that we have full support from Nepal Police to ensure the ground is completely secure. There will be volunteers on stand by for customer service purpose. And we will also have CCTV monitoring every happening at the venue. It will help in control as well.

2. How long will be the concert last?
- Singer Bryan Adams’ performance has been scheduled for 90 minutes. He is set to perform some of his all time greatest hits. And before the concert officially takes off, we will have some of our finest local artists opening up for Adams. The line up consists of 1974 AD, Namaste, Raju Lama (Mongolian Heart), Ishwore Gurung (Namaste), and Robin Tamang (Robin And The New Revolution).

3. How was Adams’ reaction when you first approached him with the proposal for the event?
- He was absolutely excited about the idea. He was well aware of the scenic beauty that our country is famous for which he loves it since his passion lies in photography as well. The singer is also a good photographer. So he definitely showed interest and was looking forward to the event.

4. When is the Canadian star arriving in the city?
- He will be arriving on the day of concert only on 19th Feb Saturday on his private jet. But it is unsure how long he will stay here. He might fly the next day or stay if he pleases to. He may want to take his photography outside the valley.

5. Any last message?
- Such big events help us to be recognized in the international arena. Their success means we can have more of such concerts, with chances of many other international stars visiting here in the future. Needless to say, they also help us in flourishing tourism in the country. However we can’t make all these happen without support. So I like to request our fellow citizens to support us fully.

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