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Pallavi Dhakal: Prachanda is popular!
30 March 2008-Sunday


Q: Who do you think is the most popular person in KTM today? Why?

A: Mmmm….popular? (After a long pause) Prachanda. Yah Prachanda is very popular in KTM today. (But we were actually expecting names from the media) Well…..then…let me see. Everybody who is working in media is popular don’t you think? (Can you please specify?) Mmmmm….no one actually. No one is really that popular. (No really we needed a name, you can take your name if that makes it any easier.) Mmmm…..I really don’t consider myself a celebrity. So I will not take my name. And there exists no celebritydom here in Nepal, we still have a long way to go for that. But if you insist on taking a name then I’d rather mention my sister’s name: Manavi Dhakal. Yeah she is popular; many know her and like her. Yep there you go the answer to your question, my sister Manavi is very popular in KTM today.

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